Turtle of Entourage now appears to be half of his size and does not look that same, chubby Jerry anymore!

Jerry Ferrara weight loss

No wonder, the young and talented actor has gone to extreme lengths to shake off his extra poundage and look this dashing.

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Age: 38 years.
Height: 1.63m (5.4”)
Weight loss: 55lbs.
Weight before transformation. 203lbs.

The most ‘consistent’ member of the HBO’s successful series Jerry Ferrara literally surprised his legion of fans as he stepped much lighter on his feet, showcasing a noticeable decline of 55lbs from his weight.

Albeit, people positively reacted to his transformation, they were more than eager to learn how he made it to such a healthy weight.

The secret to Jerry Ferrara weight loss is no exception or something unconventional. He did what most of us do to pursue fitness, follow a lifestyle that restores nutritional sanity and promotes physical activity in the form of workout.


Jerry Ferrera transformationThe audience started to witness a gradual decline in Jerry Ferrara weight during his appearance on Entourage.

His noticeable transformation was a pleasant surprise for his fans who never expected Jerry to look this different with a slimmer physique.

While Jerry was asked pertaining to his tremendous transformation, he chose to be responsive.

According to him, he was blessed with all the happiness in life like a successful career, a doting partner and so, but, he was too concerned for his growing waist.

Surprisingly, his scale tipped to 203lbs before he finally decided to overcome his fat appearance.

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At that time, what concerned him more about his weight was the fact that he was young, but quite low in energy.

His physical inactivity, at such a young age was the driving force behind him to shape up.


Jerry revealed that his slow but steady weight loss went unnoticed for some months. But when, Doug observed a reduction in his weight, he complained of taking the decision too early.

According to him, he should have waited for a year as his character in the series was then related with the physique he had earlier.

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But, Jerry believes that his slimmer body worked irrespectively, as his character encountered a growth with time.

The enthusiastic Jerry revealed that he was not in favor of waiting for a year as he was too encouraged to bring the change!


First of all, he sought the services of a professional nutritionist so that he can have the right direction to move to. His preference was never fad diets neither he supports any.

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So, with the help of a nutritionist, he started eating clean.

Jerry Ferrera after weight loss

Luckily, the Turtle of Entourage was never into too much sweet, thereby, purging off all the sweet foods from his diet was something least challenging for him.

But something that tested his patience was giving up all the high calorie foods he would eat otherwise, or perhaps, habitual is a better word.

According to him, his love for pasta and pizza is unexplainable in words, but, he had to limit himself for good.

Even though, Jerry claims not to be a foodie, yet, avoiding all the foods he would carelessly have in the past was something difficult for him.

To say the least, Jerry Ferrara diet was clean and free from anything that could have hampered his progress to a healthy body.

Coming onto Jerry Ferrara workout, the famous TV actor confessed of not working out regularly in the past.

He would feel too lazy to gym, and would convince him not to go many a time. However, the situation has completely altered now.

Regardless of his demanding routine, he spares time for his trainings.

Plus, no matter how unwilling he feels for his workouts, he knows that he will come out smiling and in a good mood. The thought motivates him and keeps him consistent.


Jerry, like most of us, felt short of motivation and courage to continue with his weight loss efforts, but all thanks to his determination, he has made it to a healthy weight, through healthy means.

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The actor has also abandoned his habit of smoking, which he failed to do it in the initial run.

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Then again, his willpower and strength of mind has enabled him to live a life free of self injurious habits!

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